7 Things to Know Before You Bake Your Makeup | Beauty Junkie

By | November 30, 2017

Baking has taken over YouTube and Instagram as one of the biggest beauty trends of the year! And no, if you’re confused, this doesn’t involve mixing, batter, or cookies. It’s a makeup technique, originated by the drag community, that utilizes heavy concealing and powder. The concealer helps to “cook” the powder while it sits atop areas you want to highlight, being warmed by your body heat. Ten minutes later, you dust off the powder for essentially a poreless, matte complexion!

We break down who this trend is best for, plus what products are necessary to create this no-filter finish.


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20 thoughts on “7 Things to Know Before You Bake Your Makeup | Beauty Junkie

  1. Prince of Darkness

    Does this come right after foundation&concealer or after setting your whole face?

  2. Adalyy Dominguez

    U should say what products your using or list them in the description .

  3. S.

    Everyone always speaks of how makeup and powders look bad in flash back and then I'm here thinking "I never shoot photos in flash back , you can see EVERY LITTLE BLEMISH ON MY FACE WITH IT so I don't have to worry" lmao

  4. Nuhaa Jamilah

    what happen if you don't set your foundation? What is the difference between compact powder and translucent powder?

  5. Emily Hawley

    Small tip: I find that using a sponge with a flat edge allows for more controlled powder application. I usually stick with the real techniques sponge and the laura mercier translucent setting powder, which keeps my face DRY ALL DAY. I'm super oily naturally so it's nice to have a powder that keeps me matte and poreless. (I think they've released a version for dark skinned girls but I don't know if the quality is consistent there…)

  6. Lil K

    Does someone knows the brand of the giant brush she dust the powder off with? Pls help me

  7. Annie ColWeen

    seriously, i love this woman. and i've never seen her before. she's hilarious!


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