Bicol Express Cooking Tutorial

By | November 28, 2017

Bicol Express; is a popular Filipino dish which is made in traditional Bicolano style.

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20 thoughts on “Bicol Express Cooking Tutorial

  1. Rou Malabanan

    Mukhang masarap luto nya ky lng yung spelling, haft at desolve, hehe. Peace.

  2. badboyz7314

    Hindi ginigisa ang pagluto ng Bikol Express. Pinalalambot ang baboy sa gata, kasama sibuyas, bawang. Pag malambot na ang karne, saka ihalo ang alamang at sili, pakuluin hanggang mag mantika ang gata at ang taba ng baboy. Saka lagyan ng kakang gata, pakuluin hanggang maluto ang gata.

  3. red sanreb

    Parang copy paste lng kaso ginisa yong taba kinuha at binalik ulit puwede dritso na bawang at sibuyas….😂😂😂

  4. anette Rodriguez

    your recipe is easy to follow and remember.. cnt wait to try this bicol express. thanks for sharing.

  5. Justen Lee

    Check out my cooking tutorial on an easy seared steak with pistachio pesto!

  6. Maribeth CASTILLO

    My oh siZzling hot🍴 like it most I'm hungry now

  7. Juanita Gutierrez

    I am the author of the book, SPEAK TAGALOG, now available at Amazon, Barnes and at ang ganda ng inyong pagluluto.Napakasarap nito. GOD bless all.

  8. Jardine Sanchez

    i learned it from here… thank you so much… its really delicious

  9. John Erick Lorenzana

    try adding some pineapple'll love the taste.. 🙂


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