Cool Food Art images

By | August 13, 2018

Check out these food art images:

20120921 Fancy, cute, vegan marzipan thingies found in Berlin, Germany
food art
Image by ratexla
From a fancy candy shop in a mall (marked on the map, though the photo was not taken there). I’m not nuts (HAR HAR!!!!!!!!) about marzipan, but obviously… :O

Vegan FAQ! 🙂

The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See.

Please watch Earthlings.

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7 Handmade Polymer Clay Color Ribbon Beads
food art
Image by Polymer Princess
Handmade Polymer Clay Color Ribbon Beads

Beautiful color ribbons of purple, green, turquoise and pink. Great for earrings, bracelets or whatever you can imagine! You get 7 13mm beads with 2mm holes. Each has been triple sanded for a smooth finish. They have one coat of glaze for a little shine.

I only list the highest quality handcrafted jewelry and supplies. Each one is carefully inspected for perfection (As perfect as possible considering they are handmade).

I make all my own polymer clay canes which are used to create the beads, cabs and jewelry you see listed here on Etsy. Browse through all the listings in my store to get a feel for what designs I have available. If you want a different color, shape, size or quantity, using any pattern you see, just contact me through Etsy or email Shauna [!at]

You can see my entire catalog of designs and supplies at the link below:

Party Ghosts
food art
Image by Happy Sleepy
Light trails drawing in the livingroomg by Marc Ngui.

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