How To Bake Perfect Desserts

By | November 26, 2017

How To Bake Perfect Desserts

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Today I teach you how to Easily Bake your Makeup and make your makeup look flawless! Please comment what other techniques you’d like to see … and please click thumbs up if you enjoyed! xo’s ~ Tati


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Tati / Glam Life Guru
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Hi I’m Tati from GlamLifeGuru, I’m glad you found my video, please be sure to check out my collection of videos on my YouTube beauty channel GlamLifeGuru where you’ll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you’re looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.
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40 thoughts on “How To Bake Perfect Desserts

  1. Anime Me

    Thank you for doing this video, I really love baking so this is really helpful my school doesn't have cooking class so I'm learning by myself with some help from my family however we're not a baking family so this is extremely helpful thank you very much

  2. Dilandau Albatou

    so I'm diabetic and I've been trying to get the perfect gooey, soft cookie but i can't use sugar. i used stevia but it always make they flat and hard as rock also have a "aspartame" taste. coconut sugar is great for taste but i still get flat and hard cookies. help?

  3. Unicorn Pugcakes Awesome

    I hate how they say that your eggs have to be room temperature, but they don't tell you why! It's annoying because I feel like there's no reason to really long time!! But I watch this video 100,000 times I love it so much yeah

  4. Tyanna Marie

    I'd love a tutorial on a hidden number cake! I tried making one and it was a spectacular pinterest fail.

  5. OP Phenomenon

    I want to learn how to cook. But I know absolutely nothing about the tools, ingredients stuff like that. Anyone have a recommendation of where I should start? (Websites, other vids, ect?)

  6. Bill Rusly Wilowry

    can i switch white sugar with brown sugar for brownies recipe?
    will it be more gooey? or else?

  7. Alhiem Yakisikli

    I dont even know why i'm here, this video is just too satisfying to watch

  8. LC Area Police

    How about using the fucking metric system i accidentally set the oven to 350 celcius instead of fahrenheit

  9. Esperanza Faeles

    The video's are good . But PLEASE STOP WITH THAT SAD AND ANOING VOICE!!!

  10. Karen Singing ASMR

    Thanks for this! What's strobing? Will look up ๐Ÿ˜‚ greets from Germany!

  11. Amaryllis A

    Tati reminds me of Kate Middleton so, sรณ much! Especially with her hair pulled back ๐Ÿ’•

  12. Bernie Bee

    Thank you for making this video! It was very helpful. Also, you are so beautiful!

  13. Yoitsyourgirl Jemma

    Omg I got the same exact concealer and today I have the same powder and itโ€™s the extra coverage translucent one!! IM SET

  14. MoonLight Mystique

    boggles my mind how a 'trend' called 'baking' becomes so popular …when it's simply just placing a crap ton of garbage product on your skin. Should be called 'faking' not 'baking'. When did it come desirable to cover up your natural beauty and unique skin tones just to look like a mannequin ? Guaranteed that actually seeing these people in the light of day with your own eyes would make you run the other way … or throw up in your mouth a little lmao

  15. Ms.Emii

    I don't bake, I don't blend, no concealer, no eye shadow, no blush. I look pretty good for my age, that's just me. I love me and you should love yourself as well. Positive vibes ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. April Oaks

    Thanks so much! Answers some questions for me! Anything else like this I'd really like to see. Thanks again

  17. Flying Grayson

    So if you bake do you not set your face with powder? I'm confused obviously new to this whole makeup thing

  18. layla za

    Can someone let me know what baking powder she used? I didn't really catch that X

  19. LeAvE it to WeAvEr

    Thank you so much for this! I'm new to this makeup game.. well new techniques. I used to be really into it, and then for a few years I was in a very very dark place in my life due to personal trauma. Lost my passion for makeup artistry & fell apart. Now I'm working hard pulling myself back up & have been finding my love for this again & your tutorials are fantastic & helping me too ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Thank you so so much. I probably sound ridiculous & corny.. but stuff like this is helping me. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  20. Gravitation3Beatles3

    I just finished my makeup, and I'm new to it and all so I searched baking the face, and that concealer you used is the one I used just 5 minutes ago lol


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