How To Make Shrimp Pasta | Cooking Tutorial

By | November 26, 2017
How To Make Shrimp Pasta | Cooking Tutorial

This shrimp pasta is both super simple and company-worthy.

See more Southern shrimp recipes:

Here’s your guide to making the perfect burger from the ‘Master Chef’ Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!

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22 thoughts on “How To Make Shrimp Pasta | Cooking Tutorial

  1. Justen Lee

    Check out my cooking tutorial on an easy seared steak with pistachio pesto!

  2. Professor Francis

    Is he obsessed with manna’s or something cause that’s a lot of manna’s

  3. GamePlayer Injustice

    R. I. P bottle of oil😢

    "You will always be remembered"

    Cause of death:THAT DAMN SPATULA

  4. Michael Espeland

    Watching this while eating a burger, is like Christmas. The joy is unreal!

  5. Kz Teligo

    This guy is overrated. Good, but overrated. P.s. I guess it's because of his persona ( emotional, rude and dramatic).

  6. Corykenshin Fan

    Gordon Ramsey would use rich cheddar cheese while I would just use Kraft packs of cheddar cheese XD

  7. Light

    Snap it break it. On. Now, a nice little slice of tomato. Now gimme a S gimme a A gimme a L gimme a T. SALT AND PEPPER ON THAT TOMATO. Beautiful. Now just a touch more Mayonaise. Just a touch. Now look at that cheese. Beautiful. On she goes.

  8. Mig 104

    Idk why I was laughing when he dropped the bottle of oil when he took the buns out and set the spatula down and dropped it 3:20 😂

  9. PunchedCoffee69

    How come I watch this shit when I'm hungry? Like it's only gonna make me more hungry, fuck it I'm going to Burger King.


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