How to make your very own Cooker Oven for Baking almost everything!

By | December 18, 2017

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I use pressure cooker for boiling, steaming, cooking and BAKING as well, yes, it works like a charm to me during summer when it is real high temperature around 100 F here in Florida. I bake cake, cookies, bread and more in cooker and the end result is the same as baked in the oven. Just keep few safety in mind such as removing whistle, ring from the cooker, check your cooker before
using, mainly the walve and so on.
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20 thoughts on “How to make your very own Cooker Oven for Baking almost everything!


    cake making with out oven clear to recipe name in display

  2. Everyday Is Merry Christmas

    We South Asians are always finding ways to not use the dam Oven.

  3. Born Again Antonio

    Can i use that smalll microwave metal crate thing which is supposed to be for grilling instead of that metal ring between plate and bottom of this homemade oven ?

  4. Shabna KV

    need to add water under pressure cooker , can we use steel baking tray or aluminium


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