NavMesh Baking – Unity Official Tutorials

By | December 17, 2017

Watch this video in context on the Unity learning pages here:
Navigation requires the use of a simplified geometrical plane, often called a navmesh. The navmesh enables characters to plot a path around the various complex items in a scene. In this video we will look at how to create a navmesh (often called “baking”) using Unity’s Navigation view.

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12 thoughts on “NavMesh Baking – Unity Official Tutorials

  1. jasim shah

    i follow the tutorial and the navemesh did not work. in unity version 5.6

  2. Jamil Villones

    Is it possible for a singe object such as a huge box to have different areas such as water, walkable, etc?

  3. Sonozo

    If you look at 4:47, there is walkable space placed on top of the crate. I had that for me, and is it ok? Sometimes the player didn't navigate around it properly.

  4. ¿Por qué estas perdiendo el tiempo leyendo mi innecesariamente largo nombre?

    Thank you!!!
    Navmesh didn't work and thanks to that video I found the problem.

  5. godzillachild

    Can you do this for a 2D game too? If so, how (or is there already a tutorial for that)?

  6. Jake Aquilina

    hi i have a realy big issue when i run my game after baking the nav mesh, it moves the navmesh and all of my AI (When checkign in scene view at runtime) to the left of my map forcing everything off my actual map would you know what this may be caused by?

  7. Tuurtle Dove

    Thank you so much for the brief and insightful overview by the way, these such tutorials definitely assist a fair bit with understanding such more sophisticated unity tools. 

    My one lil' recommendation may be to ease up a little in terms of your vocal intonations. There's no need to sound so formal after all, as that can be a little off-putting. I'm sure you have an entirely lovely personality, and it's quite lovely to receive it through a simple tutorial too. Though that's merely my own preference of course


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