Warren & Hutch Chicken & Port Pate, Duck & Pistachio Terrine – Bites Platter – Wine and Cheese Providores

By | January 11, 2019

A few nice food art images I found:

Warren & Hutch Chicken & Port Pate, Duck & Pistachio Terrine – Bites Platter – Wine and Cheese Providores
food art
Image by avlxyz
Warren & Hutch Chicken & Port Pate, Duck & Pistachio Terrine – Bites Platter – Wine and Cheese Providores AUD18

Smooth pate, but not enough port. Still very good though!
The terrine was also a bit bland. I couldn’t even tell it was duck!
Good bread though 🙂

We went to Waterfront City in the Docklands for the Portuguese Festival, but it was already packed and the queues for food were very long. So we decided to have a quiet lunch at the Wine and Cheese Providore, before heading back to catch some performances.

The Wine & Cheese Providore
Waterfront City G5-G6/ 439 Docklands Drv Docklands 3008
(03) 9602 1640

Livarot, Pasti Fourme D’Ambert – Small Cheese Platter
Warren & Hutch Chicken & Port Pate, Duck & Pistachio Terrine – Bites Platter
Fourme D’Ambert AUD68 per kg
Livarot AUD72 per kg
Pasti AUD58 per kg

A taste of Portugal Festival at Docklands!
Sunday 10 June 2007, 12pm to 7pm.
Waterfront City Piazza
Docklands Drive
Melway: 2E D4

The Portuguese community in Melbourne is out to prove there is more to Portugal than flame grilled chicken! And what better way to do so than a festival promoting the country and culture behind Portugal. The festival will feature traditional Portuguese folk dancing and music, as well as music and dance from East Timor and Brazil. The Festival will also feature arts and crafts displays and various activities for children attending the event. Traditional Portuguese food will be available to enjoy as well as popular Portuguese wines, beer and soft drinks. The festival is organised by the CLP (Portuguese speaking communities), a non-profit organisation. The CLP aims to promote the Portuguese Speaking Communities social and cultural integration within the Australian community. The festival allows the Portuguese Speaking Communities to come together and teach the wider community all aspects of their food, history and culture.

A Taste of Portugal Festival – Docklands Waterfront City Tent
Folk Dancing Kids
Folk Band
Folk Dancing
Brazillian Beef Skewers
Serving Hungry People
Grilling Chicken
Grilling Sardines

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Sôle Meunière
food art
Image by fs999
PENTAX K-5 II s • 80 ISO • Sigma Art 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM

Chef Blair Rasmussen, Vancouver Convention Centre
food art
Image by vancouverconvention
Watch Chef Blair Rasmussen create his celebrated spot prawn soufflé, while discussing the joys of cooking with local ingredients.

With more than 470,000 square feet of highly flexible function space, the Convention Centre spans two buildings, and is designed as a series of modules that can be combined or divided to suit the needs of any imaginable event.

By connecting the interior design with the spectacular natural landscape of British Columbia, the Vancouver Convention Centre is one of the greenest convention centres in the world. It boasts a living roof, seawater heating and cooling, on-site water treatment, and fish habitat built into the foundation of the West Building. The space has been awarded the GO GREEN certificate from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) for industry-approved, environmental best practices in building management.

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